Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's amazing to think that I haven't posted since June 1st! SO much has happened since then. An internship at a rehab hospital, beginning of a new school year, a little human began growing inside of me... Yay! I'm currently sixteen weeks pregnant and we find out if little baby Dots is a girl or a boy in less than 3 weeks. I've been really fortunate and have not experienced any of the major pregnancy symptoms you always hear about. No nausea, which is mainly what I'm referring to. Other than fatigue, it has been going really well. I'm patiently waiting to feel little baby flutters and kicks- I can't wait for that!!

I've started a little blog for baby here:

There's not much there right now, mainly because I'm too tired to do a lot, much less design a blog, but I'm hoping it'll come around soon.

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